Mission Statement

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The IIAAA serves Indiana Athletic Administrators by providing opportunities for professional growth.


The IIAAA will provide athletic administrators with the knowledge and skills required to administer the highest quality education based athletic programs.


The core values of the IIAAA are accountability, collaboration, integrity, respect, servant leadership, and sportsmanship.


  1. Promote the value of education based athletics.
  2. Foster relationships with school and community.
  3. Partner with the Indiana High School Athletic Association.
  4. Participate as an active member of the NIAAA.
  5. Collaborate with coaches associations.
  6. Instill the highest standards of professional proficiency and ethics.
  7. Mentor new athletic administrators.
  8. Provide opportunities for professional development.
  9. Promote servant leadership.
  10. Create networking opportunities among members.
  11. Recognize professional accomplishments of members.
  12. Encourage members to seek a healthy work-life balance.