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The purpose of the IIAAA Mentor Program is to create professional relationships that provide supports to first-year athletic administrators. Through these supports, the experiences of the new AD will be more positive and result in a higher retention of athletic administrators.

Please use this handbook as a guide and do not hesitate to reach out to the IIAAA for additional assistance and support.

We wish you a great career in athletic administration!

Mentor Program Coordinators

Ryan Harrington
Highland High School

Paul Heidenreich
Yorktown High School

Greg Martz
Rochester High School




Mentoring is a relationship that is beneficial to both the mentor and the mentee. As new ADs come onboard in the State, the Mentorship Committee will pair individuals with veteran athletic administrators that have at least two years of experience. Early communication is advised to assist in their preparation of the new AD. The mentor/mentee relationship should continue on a regular basis throughout the first year of employment for the mentee.

Program suggestions include:

  • Weekly communication via email / phone
  • In person meetings
  • Fall and Spring IIAAA District Meetings
  • IHSAA Fall and Spring Principal’s Meetings
  • IIAAA State Conference
  • County / Conference meetings

The mentor should always be willing to make himself/herself available to listen and assist the new athletic director with difficult situations, frustrations, and common problems encountered in the position.


Conversation starters for the preparation of the new AD:

    • Organization ideas for the office
    • Coaches (staff) meetings
    • Coaches Handbooks
    • Registration practices for sports participation
    • Pre-season meetings for parents and athletes
    • Checklists for hosting home athletic events
    • myIHSAA.net navigation and required tasks
    • IHSAA requirements for pre-season and post-season
      • Rules Interpretation
      • By-Laws
      • Coaches Education
      • Transfers
    • Professional meetings
      • IIAAA District Meetings
      • IHSAA Area Principal’s Meetings
      • IIAAA Conference, NIAAA NADC (niaaa.org)
    • Personnel Issues
      • Hiring coaches
      • Coaches education (nfhslearn.com)
      • Background checks
      • Coach evaluations
      • Dismissing coaches
    • Scheduling facilities and contests
    • Transformational Coaching

Mentor Program Meetings

Zoom meetings will be held monthly with the current participants of the mentor program.

2023-24 Zoom Meeting Dates


IIAAA Membership

Athletic directors are encouraged to join the IIAAA. Indiana is a dual-membership State with membership in the NIAAA. The IIAAA membership renews on a yearly basis starting on July 1st and the NIAAA renews upon the anniversary date of enrollment.

How to join the IIAAA:

  1. Email your District Representative to get started.
  2. Indiana District Map and List of Representatives

IIAAA Mission, Vision, Values, and Purpose

Benefits of membership in the IIAAA

  1. Annual State Conference with an opportunity to complete LTI courses at a reduced rate.
  2. Recognition for outstanding athletic administrators and support personnel
  3. Fall and spring district meetings
  4. Networking with fellow athletic administrators
  5. IIAAA Electronic Newsletter
  6. Access to the NIAAA portal and digital professional development resources
  7. Members have the opportunity to pursue leadership positions with the IIAAA
  8. Collaborative efforts with the IHSAA through the Athletic Directors Advisory Committee
  9. Mentorship Program
  10. Education-based athletics
  11. Scholarship opportunity for member’s children
  12. Collaborative efforts with State coaches association for proposals to the IHSAA

NIAAA Membership and benefits


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The Eisenhower Matrix

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