Board of Directors

Board of Directors

2020-21 IIAAA Board of Directors

Officers Name School Email
President Dan Armstrong Northwestern HS
1st Vice President Larry Cochren Richmond HS ​
2nd Vice President ​Paul Heidenreich ​Yorktown HS
Secretary ​Brian Lewis ​Jasper HS
Treasurer Brad Holsinger Avon HS
​Personnel Director ​Dave Preheim ​Concord HS

Past Presidents Name School Email
2018-2019 Patty McCormack Lowell HS
2017-2018 ​Jerry Hanger ​Crawford County HS
2016-2017 Brian Avery Speedway HS bavery@speedwayschools.orgEmail

Permanent Chairpersons Name School​ Email
Awards Courtney Whitehead Park Tudor HS
Assistant Awards Emily Steinmetz Perry Meridian HS
Sports Proposals Pete Huse Columbus East HS
Professional Development Dan Armstrong Northwestern HS
Assistant Professional Development John Gray Kankakee Valley HS
IIAAA Proposals Larry Kissinger Goshen HS
Assistant IIAAA Proposals Brian Avery Speedway HS​
Communication Will Hostrawser LaVille HS
Technology / Website Scott Stevens Cascade HS
Technology / Website ​Torrey Rodkey ​Plainfield HS ​
Technology / Website Rob Seymour Fishers HS
Historian Steve Stocker Speedway HS ​​
​Conference Hospitality Jim Self Hamilton Southeastern HS
Assistant Conference Hospitality Scott Timmons Fishers JHS
Membership Brock Touloukian West Lafayette
​Assistant Membership ​Jerry Galema Harrison (West Lafayette) HS
Mentoring ​John Prifogle ​Milan HS
​Assistant Mentoring Greg Martz Rochester HS
​Assistant Mentoring Rob Seymour Fishers HS
Retired Auxiliary Les Wright Retired
Retired Auxiliary Gene Robertson Retired
Registration Kevin Davis Boonville HS
Assistant Registration Brandon Taylor Castle HS
Exhibits Bryce Barton Crawfordsville HS
Assistant Exhibits Lance Larkey Avon HS
​Middle School ​Kiel Atkinson ​Brownsburg West MS

Auxiliary Members Name School Email
IIAAA Executive Director Bruce Whitehead Retired
Assistant IIAAA Executive Director Greg Hill ​Retired
Conference Chairperson Mike Mossbrucker Mooresville HS
IIAAA Certification Coordinator Sam Rasmussen Retired

Directors Name School Email
Section 1 Director Ryan Plovick Madison-Grant HS
Section 1 Minority Director Geriann Druyos South Bend Career HS
Section 1 Middle School Director Jeff Fairbairn Pierce MS

Section 2 Director John Prifogle Milan HS
Section 2 Minority Director Suzanne Crump Cowan HS
Section 2 Middle School Director David Lang Zionsville West MS

Section 3 Director Chris Lancaster South KnoxHS
Section 3 Minority Director Kris Painter Terre Haute North HS
​Section 3 Middle School Director Stephanie Gillett Christian Academy

District 1 Director Ryan Harrington Highland HS
District 2 Director Ryan Fagan Oak Hill HS
District 3 Director Justin Dixson Decatur Central HS
District 4 Director Mark Pierson Lawrenceburg HS
​District 5 Director John Atkins Corydon Central HS
​District 6 Director Leigh Latshaw Mt. Vernon (Posey) HS