2020-21 New AD Coursework

Posted by on August 26th, 2020 in Blog Posts

Dear IIAAA Members,

We have opened a LTI Event on our IIAAA AMP site.  We are offering LTC 504 virtually on Sunday, August 30 from 4-8pm.  Please follow the directions below to register for the event.  This event can only be paid by Credit Card through your IIAAA AMP account.

Event Registration for Members

Log in to the IIAAA AMP site: https://iiaaa.finalforms-amp.com/

1. Click on the “MEMBER” icon

2. Enter your email address for your username and the password for your IIAAA AMP Member account

3. Locate the “My Events” section on your account page

4. To the right of the “My Events” row, click on the “Register for Events” button

5. Find the IIAAA event you want to register for and click on the “Register” button next to the event

6. You will be taken to the cost and fees page, Click the “Yes Register” button

7. Since there is only 1 LTC course being offered in this event, you will be registered when you submit the form

You will be taken to the checkout page where you MUST choose to pay online by credit card. NO CHECKS or P.O. ACCEPTED for this Event.